Monday, 21 April 2008

MnM Treasures

I was blog hopping one day and I happened to come across MnM Treasures on Pegasus Soaps blog! It was pure good luck that I did and I'm so glad! You can read Michelle from Pegasus Soaps' feature on them here.


They make collapsible wooden baskets that can fold cleverly to act as a trivet (hot plate). They also make belt buckles and other trinkets. The baskets looked so beautiful that I couldn't help but order a couple for my mum and a friend. Mike was very friendly and professional and provided excellent communication. He did everything to make sure my package arrived safely and on time and it did!


When the package arrived today, I was blown away. Absolutely beautiful craftmanship. So well-made! You can tell alot of care when into making these baskets. The pictures on their etsy themselves are gorgeous but they don't do the baskets any justice in real life.

I think it's an extremely clever idea. You certainly won't regret picking up one of these adorable wooden baskets for yourselves! Visit their etsy shop here.

Just a reminder that today is the last day to leave comments to be in the running to win the pink gift bag. The winner will be announced tomorrow!

Have fun!


judi from Satin Petal Soap said...

OOO! Those are just too cute! Thanks for sharing! That would make a wonderful gift for house warming! Fill that bad boy with goodies, WOW! Hmmmmm... Even a baby shower gift! Fill it up with goodies for the new mom to be and baby :o)
xxoo :o)

Suds to Love said...

I love that it has two uses and that it won't take a ton of room to store, what a great idea!

egassner said...

Those are really cute! I've seen them before, but never in cute shaps like the duck!

Casey said...

Those are really cool.

LoveMichie said...

Judi: Yes! That's a great idea hehe! These baskets are really adorable!

Trisha: Exactly what I was thinking!

Elizabeth: I liked the swan better but my friend likes ducks lol!

Casey: Yes! First time I've seen them too :)