Thursday, 21 May 2009

Mayonnaise Pack for Hair

I have good news! I got a job! Woohoo!! I'm working front office at a hotel in Melbourne starting Monday. *fingers crossed* I hope I do okay. Thank you everyone for your kind comments, they were greatly appreciated.

Nothing interesting has been happening apart from me getting a job and I've been enjoying my last few days of freedom at home. I've decided to post a recipe for those of you who like to lather mayonnaise on your hair or skin. The oil used is coconut oil because it is the only oil that is able to penetrate hair and make it stronger according to some research I did on the internet.

According to the Beauty Brains, coconut oil is similar to the natural oil secreted from our hair and its molecules are small enough to penetrate the cortex and make it stronger from within.

However, if you have a favourite oil to use there is no reason why you cannot use it instead of the coconut oil.

You will need a blender for this recipe or a very strong arm!


1 egg yolk
1 cup coconut oil
1 teaspoon of runny honey, warmed
1/2 teaspoon of lemon juice or apple cider vinegar
few drops of essential oils (optional)

1. Whisk the egg yolk in a blender or by hand then add the lemon juice/vinegar and warmed honey and whisk in thoroughly. Add the oil in the blender very slowly until all the oil has been added and the mixture thickens. Otherwise, whisk like mad non-stop while adding droplets of oil now and then until the mixture thickens. As you're whisking or blending, you will notice a change in the mixture as it becomes lighter coloured and looks more like mayonnaise than just thickened egg yolk. Add your essential oils at this point and stir to combine.

2. Slather the mayonnaise on your hair working your way from the roots to the ends. Cover with cling film and a towel. Leave it on for at least 30 minutes then shower and shampoo as normal. Don't forget to condition!

A lovely, luscious treat for your hair which can accompany a home facial for a truly indulgent and luxurious pampering session. Of course, if you don't want to go through all the trouble. Just heat a cupful of your oil of choice (don't burn yourself) and massage it into your hair. Couldn't be easier!

See you guys soon!

Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Cirque du Soleil

I caught Dralion yesterday here in Melbourne! It was amaaazzzziiiinnnnggg!! I wanted to get myself a souvenir but I couldn't decide on what to get :(. There was a really nice cirque du soleil jacket but it was 80 dollars and way too expensive. Below is the youtube video of the hoop diving. How good is it? Goodnight, everyone!

Sunday, 10 May 2009

Strawberry Cream Bubble Rolls Tutorial

My first attempt at trying to roll bubble mixture to resemble a swiss roll did not turn out well. However, I tried again with a different recipe and I have to say being quick is really the key here! I waited too long and the mixture became a little dry and crumbly on me although it still managed to hold together in the end.


First, you will need your favourite bubble recipe. I used this recipe although I had to substitute it with other ingredients as I didn't have Cocamide DEA or Glycerine handy. I suggest you follow the recipe as is posted by Bath and Body Supply because the pictures provided of the mixture sure look good! Basically, you want a good dough-like bubble mixture.

For these cream rolls, you will also need a red colouring agent and strawberry fragrance oil approved for cosmetic use. I used red food colouring although any safe, water soluble colour will do. Optionally, you can decorate with small candy flowers, sprinkles or hundreds and thousands.


First, mix up your batch of bubble mixture INCLUDING the fragrance oil but MINUS the colouring and divide equally into two bowls (Bowl A & Bowl B). Get a damp (make sure it isn't dripping wet) washcloth and lay it over Bowl A to prevent the mixture from getting too dry. Drop a couple of drops of your red colouring into Bowl B to achieve a lovely pastel pink and knead it in well until the mixture is uniformly coloured.

Lay a sheet of wax paper over your work surface, a good one to use is a large, heavy wooden chopping board. Quickly spread the pink mixture out on the wax paper and push outwards with your fingers until you have a rough rectangle that is about a centimetre thick. Still working quickly, spread the uncoloured mixture on top of the pink mixture until you have a rectangle of equal size and thickness. You may need to knead it again a few times or add just a couple of drops of glycerine to get it pliable again.

Now, here's the fun part. If you have ever rolled sushi with a sushi mat, you are going to do the exact same thing here with your bubble mixture and wax paper. Now this is a little hard to explain so I have included this link on how to roll sushi. The steps you want to pay attention to are step 4 and 5. If you have any questions, I will gladly try and answer them.

After you have rolled it up into a tight swiss roll, you are ready to cut immediately with a sharp knife and dip the top of each swiss roll in hundreds and thousands. Leave it on the wax paper to dry for a couple of days before wrapping it up and keeping it in a cool, dry place. Crumble one or two under hot running water and enjoy oodles and oodles of sweet smelling bubbles!

I hope this tutorial was helpful and that you make beautiful strawberry cream bubble rolls!


First of all, I would like to say thank you very, very, very, very, very, very, VERY much to all who commented on my previous post. I really do appreciate the fact that you still visit my blog and I wish I could send all of you a package! However, I will have more giveaways in the future, definitely. Tomorrow, I will post a tutorial of the little candy strawberry rolls and I hope you will find some inspiration from it.

Using, the number 2 was generated. So, the winner of one fudgey soap and two strawberry cream rolls is Elizabeth Gassner!!

Congratulations! Please email me the address you would like the package to be sent to at michellecheahpeili[at]gmail[dot]com.

Thank you once again to everyone who left a comment on the previous post. Goodnight, everyone!

Friday, 1 May 2009

Chocolate Fudge and Strawberry Cream Rolls

Hello everyone! I've been gone a long, long time and my blog has been on the back burner for far too long. The past few months have been a whirlwind of activity for me. However, lately, I have been a little down in the dumps thanks to the recession. Unemployment here in Australia is rising steadily which does not bode well for a fresh graduate like me. I have been applying for work for the past few months and still nothing :(.

Oh well, enough of me whining! I actually am sorry that I have not been keeping up with my blog. I know how great it is to read a blog that is updated daily. Now by way of apology to all my loyal readers who still visit my blog, I am holding a giveaway which include some yummy goodies that I have been working on lately.


Delicious, rich, creamy chocolate fudge soap! Would you believe I ran out of coconut oil? I know, it's embarrassing. Thankfully, I still had some palm kernel oil left over.


Ingredients: Olive oil, Palm kernel oil, Castor oil, Cocoa powder, Fragrance, Tussah silk.

Next on the menu, we have Strawberry Cream Bubble Rolls!! This was an experiment on bubble bars and the mixture was a little crumbly at the end. It didn't hold together very well and was supposed to come together like dough. However, I am still pleased with the end result. I ran a few bits and pieces under the tap and there were instant bubbles! It smells really yummy as well.


Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Tartaric Acid, Glyceryl Cocoate, PBS Base (Aussiesoapsupplies blend), Cocamidropropyl Betaine, Fragrance, Food Colouring, Candy Sprinkles.


To enter the giveaway, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post and you will be in the running to win 1 chocolate fudge soap and 2 strawberry rolls! The last day to enter will be next Friday. Have fun!