Saturday, 23 February 2008

Smells GREAT!


This is the soap from this post below. It contains olive oil, rice bran oil and shea butter and was made with rice water. Also I scented it with Rice Flower and Shea(BBW) Type from Save on Scents. I've never smelled the real Rice Flower and Shea from Bath and Body Works but this fragrance oil is amazing! It's mild, not overpowering and has a delicate scent. I can really only describe the scent as pretty :) I'm happy with this except I would've have liked the base to be whiter.

I'm making a carrot and calendula soap today. It's going to be a facial soap for my cousin who has extremely oily skin. I'll be scenting it with lavender eo and tea tree eo. Hope everything turns out as planned! I'll keep you updated :)


I decided to infuse olive oil with a couple of vanilla beans. I cut it in half then sliced it lengthways but not all the way. Then I put it in the bottle and gave it a good shake. Probably shake it once a day for a week. My hands wont stop smelling of vanilla now. Yummm...

Uni starts next week. I'm not looking forward to it. I have to speak to a course advisor about something that I really hope isn't bad news and she's sort of scary too. Can't wait to get that over with.

Thursday, 21 February 2008

New Look!

Hey, everyone! Oats and Honey has a new look! How do you like it? Any feedback will be appreciated :) The makeover was done by Jessica at Cuppycake Designs and I love it! It's how I envisioned an oats and honey blog should look like :D She did a great job and she is an absolute joy to communicate with. I highly recommend her!

I have always wanted a new look for my blog and was further inspired by Michelle's (sweet friend from the blog world) blog's makeover at Soap Pixie which is so fun and colourful! Also designed by the talented Jessica.

Thanks Jess!

Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Smells like...


Hmmm, wonder what I made this time? :) I'll reveal the mystery soap in my next post. I'm really happy with how this turned out! Hope everything goes according to plan *fingers crossed*. It smells pretty :D


This is a close-up of a chocolate scrub I made for Dan's aunt. It has chocolate soap pieces and a sprinkling of cappuccino mica although I went a little insane with the cocoa powder. It soaked up the oil and went a little hard. Softens up under warm water but I think I'll just go easy on cocoa next time :)

Today, the one day I decide to spend outdoors in the city away from my busy schedule and it rains on me :(

Oh, well! I get to spend another day out tomorrow. Please, please don't rain!

Thursday, 14 February 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Some people don't believe in this day so they don't celebrate it. They believe that everyday should be Valentine's Day between a couple. And they're right.

However today does fall under everyday. So relax, enjoy, partake in the celebration and if nothing else, tell your partner how much you love them :)

Monday, 11 February 2008


Look what arrived in the mail today!

Aren't they the cutest things you've ever seen? I got them for Dan's niece. These little baby booties are called the Sally and are handmade by Jessica from Baby Things By Jessica. Do check out her shop on etsy! She makes the most adorable shoes.

While searching for a pair of booties, I found this treasure trove of delight on etsy. Baby Bug Shoe Designs has to be one of the best designers of baby shoes I've seen so far. I can't even decide which design to talk about here. She makes Mary-Janes, sport shoes and even a Brown Neck Tie design for little boys. You have to see for yourself!

On Diana's Darnings, you can find the unique and oh-so-adorable kimono style booties. She also runs a blog titled Home Spun Mama and her website here where you can find her handmade blankies! I can't decide which one out of all her booties are my favourite but I have fallen in love with these peach and white ones.

Krafty Lady Kreations sell these one of a kind hand crocheted sneaker booties! Does this lady have talent of what? What's more? They're affordable at around $8.00 a pair. Definitely on my next list of things to buy for friend's babies!

Wait till you see these next ones from Pretty Little. These felted bunny booties will have you hopping with delight! Or maybe just me but moving on. Pricing is a little steep at $30.00 but it isn't enough to stop me from wanting to get it. In fact the urge is so strong, I have to stop looking at them now.

In no way have I even come halfway to exhausting the list of the amount of beautiful designs of baby booties on etsy. Pumpkin Patch, Guess Kids, Baby Gap and so on have nothing on these talented sellers from etsy! I hope you have as much fun ogling the shoes as I did :)

Friday, 8 February 2008

Valentine's Gift Ideas

I'm a bit late huh? Sorry :( . I thought I'd come up with some great ideas for Valentine's Day! Unfortunately, the only thing I saw running through my head were red roses, chocolates and teddy bears. I know, I know but I tried!

Anyway there are tons of fantastic and I do mean fantastic ideas out there from other people!

First of all, check out these adorable Heart Shaped Tub Teas from Emmy Gabriel at The Natural Beauty Workshop and also check out this other great suggestion for a spa basket!

Anne Marie, The Soap Queen has this unique and fun tutorial along with a few recipes on how to make Massage Candles! Be sure to read them in order of Day One, Day Two and so on!

Or how about some fun melt and pour Heart Shaped Soap? At Candle and Soap Making from David Fisher.

A twist on air fresheners! Cute Wax Dipped Teddy Bears you can use to scent your room at Candle Supply. Might wanna keep this one away from the kids.

All pictures belong to their respective owners and were uploaded and linked from their respective sites.

Finally, how about a box of fizzy Chocolate Tub Truffles! Mmm, yummy.

  • 1 cup bicarbonate of soda
  • 1/2 cup of citric acid
  • 1/4 cup of cocoa powder
  • 1/4 cup of full cream milk powder
  • 1/4 cup of cocoa butter

If you don't know how to make your own bath fizzies you can find out here! You can roll out your own truffles or use a small mould. You can even scent your truffles to make cherry chocolate, peppermint chocolate or orange chocolate! You can omit the cocoa powder and scent it with vanilla to get a white chocolate truffle! When you're done, wrap them in coloured foil according to the scents and package them in little paper cups in a chocolate box. Tie it all up with some red ribbon or let your imagination run wild!

Have fun everyone and I hope you have as much fun making them as you will have celebrating Valentine's Day!