Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Uneventful Weekend: Lost Cockatiel

Well, I'm back! It's been an uneventful weekend all in all. First, MAS left my luggage back in Melbourne which contains some fresh food and would most likely be spoiled by the time it gets to me. Also, my mother had her handbag snatched from her again. Both times when she left the same bank. Two men came by on a motorcycle from behind her and grabbed her bag, it was a while before she realised she was being dragged along on the road and had to let go.

She now has these huge scratches along her back and legs. These things are very common in Malaysia, I've had several relatives experience the same thing. One was even slashed on the hand with a knife. Tourists are targeted as well because they tend to carry large sums of money and things are worse for them because they carry passports which are a hassle to lose, a HUGE hassle. So carry your handbag on the side of your body which doesn't face the road. As much as I love my home, this is the reality and there is really nothing the incompetent police of Malaysia can do about it.

It truly has been a terrible weekend. Steph from Playing with Soap lost a a white face cockatiel with white/light gray feathers near 70th Street/Boulevard East in Guttenberg, NJ. So anyone from Hudson County, NJ please keep a look out for this little bird. She's said to be tame and will perch on your finger if you allow her to. Steph has more information on her blog. Even if you aren't from NJ, please visit her blog and show her some support. No matter in what form, it is always painful to lose a loved one.

I've decided to post the recipe for my Granola Body Scrub tomorrow. So check back soon.


Michelle said...

So sorry to read that the trip didn't go well, luggage was lost, etc...Hopefully now that your settled back at home you can relax!

playing with soap said...

Thank you so much for posting Tita's info. Honestly, I am accepting this terrible fate, but I will continue her search. She at least deserves that much in return for all the years she has given me.


LoveMichie said...

Michelle: Thank you, yes I feel much better now :) although I'm liking flying less and less.

Steph: It was the least I could do. I wish you luck and all the best in your search and I'm truly sorry for your loss :(