Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Smells too edible?!

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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Aren't they pretty? They're bath bombs from Lush. A going away present from Dan, he knows I sometimes obsess over Lush but never get anything for myself because I refuse to be blinded to the fact that they chargecrazy prices.

However I'm so happy with these fizzies! They smell terrific. My favourite as you can tell is the christmas pudding lookalike one. It smells faintly edible because of the benzoin (smells like vanilla) and clove. The purple glittery one smells the best which I put down to the tangerine and ylang ylang oil. The green fizzy smells very citrusy and I'm not a huge fan of citrusy smells.

Oh, want to hear something funny? I made bath jelly and scented it with strawberry and vanilla then shoved it in the fridge. Everybody commented it smelled like strawberry ice cream, it was absolutely divine! Anyway, my grandmother spotted some left over in the bowl I was using and decided she would eat it while my back was turned. All of us started yelling and screaming "Don't eat that, it's soap!". So for most of the whole afternoon, she berated me for making my soaps smell "too edible". I don't think she appreciated the fact that I burst out laughing every time she mentioned it.

Oh, I made the papaya scrub but unfortunately I don't have any pictures :(. I'm not very camera savvy but that wasn't the problem this time.

Remember the 7 kids I mentioned that were over last night in my last post? Well, one of them ate it. Yes, he ate it. I blame Chelsea as I saw her sneaking a couple of spoonfuls into her mouth. It's a good thing that this time the scrub is edible! My scrubs are usually not and to think I was planning on adding the Polysorbate 20. Chelsea just said,"I knew it! You're trying to kill us!"

Sometime ago, a friend of mine tried to eat a cocoa butter bath melt when they were drying in the moulds. He kept insisting I was lying to him when I told him it wasn't chocolate. Then, he found the cupcakes and it all went downhill from there.I should start scenting my creations with airplane fuel to stop them from getting eaten!

I didn't forget about the strawberry and peaches! It's coming right up although I'm pretty sure it's going to get eaten as well. I'm also making castile soap in a couple of days if I can just get my hands on some lye.

Scent for the soap? Oatmeal, milk and honey. ;)


Anne-Marie said...

I love LUSH bath bombs. My fave is Butterball. (swoon) It smells so good and always leaves my skin feeling luscious and moisturized after the tub.

LoveMichie said...

Me too! My favourite is the Ickle Baby Baff, yes I know it's for kids but I couldn't resist!

Kevin said...

I told you they all look like food, when you showed me your chocolate bath bomb thingy, I thought they were chocolate cake in a shape of a ball or something.

Shit, so next time when you make something for me, I gotta make you eat first just in case I mistaken them for food when they'r in fact some sort of beauty product and you're just trying to kill me or make me shat my pants.

PS: this word verification thingy iwvxjayo is just too ridiculous