Thursday, 1 November 2007

Being Organised is Important

Well it's 4:30 a.m in the morning and I can't sleep! I blame it all on the fact that I have a law exam on Monday at 9:30 a.m. I'm too tired to study and the words don't make any sense but I can't sleep.

Solution? Blog.

Nadia was asking me to make some cream for her hands as the skin around her nails are peelings and she has a habit of pulling at the skin *stop it, Nadia!*. So I decided to formulate a vanilla scented apricot cream for her using real pureed apricots.

I took a picture of my pretty cream, however, my camera has gone missing. I vaguely remember having it in my hand and then she said something which made me laugh and I forgot where I put it!

I thought I'd take a look around my house but instead I found other random things that I'd lost at some point or another. And yes, it can happen to you if you're me.

"Oh, there are my glasses! Ah, the hairclip I lost two weeks ago! So there's where the piping bag went!"

Yes, the piping bag. I lost the piping bag. Notice the frosting was not piped onto the bath cupcakes in the post below. Where was it? Oh, umm under the couch. How did it get there? I honestly have no idea.

I have a habit of being really messy, and the boyfriend helps with that too, then doing this whirlwind clean up. So, I spring clean every week or so then find all these goodies.

However, I am very confused about the camera! It's just gone *poof* disappeared. I'm peering around on the floor and my computer desk as I type this. Either I am the world's most unorganised person or there is a mini David Copperfield running around my apartment. I'm going with the latter. Denial is not just a river in Egpyt.

I'll post the picture of the cream next time if mini-David will so kindly return it.

Anyway, I am thinking of the next fruit to incorporate in my creams. Any ideas at all will be welcome and appreciated!

Reminder to self: Blueberries dye your skin and clothes blue.

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Go here :
It might help you a little ( like it did for me ! )