Monday, 26 November 2007

Have Your Say!

Please feel free to ask me anything you like at all. Is there a certain homemade skin care product that you would like a recipe of? Are there tips you want on something like combating dark undereye circles? What is it you would like to see me blog about? I'm open to anything at all! I'll do the research :)

Have your say! I will try to help in anyway possible.

I adore strawberries and peaches so I will be posting recipes containing this ingredients for an astringent cleanser and a moisturising mask in my next post complete with pictures and a guinea pig model (my 12 year old sister, Chelsea).

There are 7 children sleeping over tonight, thanks to my brother and sister's impromptu slumber party. This is what I miss about my home in Malaysia. It's always alive with the sound of people's voices. No one is ever home alone because there are so many of us.

In Australia, it's just Dan and I and it does get lonely sometimes. Probably because being around a lot of people is what I'm used to.

I made a cookies and cream cheesecake for Amanda yesterday. Everyone liked it! I couldn't even get a picture, I left it in the fridge thinking I'd come back and decorate it then take a picture. However when I came back there was only a quarter left.

Is anyone interested in the recipe? I'm curious to find out if it's really that good or my family is just being nice to me cause I'm home :)

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