Monday, 31 March 2008

Soap, soap, soap


I just realised I didn't say what fragrance I used for the blue soap. It's Moonlight Path BBW Type from Save on Scents. It has a very heady floral yet powdery scent which I like. It's described as a blend of lavender, roses, violets and musk.

I've been busy making soap! Oh my, it's like an addiction I can't kick. I keep thinking "Hmmm, maybe I should make some cream today but oh, there's that soap I really wanted to make!".

So here are more of my soaps!



Chocolate soap scented with Brambleberry's Dark, Rich Chocolate and it smells delicious! Yum...



Lastly, the Oatmeal, Milk and Honey soap superfatted with meadowfoam seed oil. I left this unscented but included some orange peel and vanilla infused olive oil. The vanilla didn't come through though unfortunately. However, it smells lightly of honey and reminds me of biscuits for some reason. These are great big hunks of soap and now I'm thinking maybe I should have cut them smaller.

I'm making soap again tonight! I'm on a roll! I want to try making solid bubble bath next. My sister would love that.


egassner said...

I LOVE BB's Dark Rich Chocolate! Good luck on the solid Bubble Bath! I tried before ( I left a post on the lovely bubbles it made) But it turned out more a bubble crumble! I need to attempt it again when I find time

Suds to Love said...

I have a bottle of BB Dark Rich Chocolate that is just calling my name to make soap... but I haven't yet. All three soaps look so nice, wish my monitor had a scratch n' sniff spot!

Casey said...

The blue soap is a work of is just so beautiful. Make me want to repaint my guest bathroom, so it will match that soap!

LoveMichie said...

Elizabeth: Thanks! I'm anxious to see how it turns out :) Hmmm, was it not "wet" enough? I'm not sure but when my bath bombs crumble that's usually the case!

Trisha: Hehe, thank you! You should start soaping it! It's delightful and the smell comes through beautifully :)

Casey: Thanks Casey! It was my first attempt at swirling and also when I had my first soapiing accident!