Sunday, 2 March 2008

Perfect Potion Discovery Nights

This is for the Aussies! If there is anyone interested in taking up soapmaking and the like, you might be interested to know that Perfect Potion are having their discovery nights this year.

Their discovery nights are like mini workshops where you can learn about aromatheraphy, massage and creating your own soaps, creams and bath and spa products. Some have a participation fee of $40 and some of $10. However these workshops are only available in Queensland, New South Wales and Victoria.

If you'd like to know more, visit their website or call them free anywhere within Australia at 1800 988 999.

Hope this information will appeal to some of you :)


Joanna Schmidt said...

Missing your posts!


LoveMichie said...

Hi Joanna! I've been busy with uni :( but I'll be back real soon! I've been itching to make the next soap I have in mind. Stay tuned for the next few days!