Sunday, 4 May 2008

Seed Paper


Isn't this a neat idea? Seed paper is just recycled paper with seeds embedded into it. The idea is to plant your seed paper in some soil and watch it grow! An excellent way to give back to nature.

You could use seed paper for packaging your soaps as well! Maybe in a cigar band wrapper? Seed paper can be used exactly like normal paper so you can print on it! The downsides are it's probably more expensive than regular paper and you may not be able to ship internationally with seed paper.

Below are some links to companies that sell seed paper.

Paper Go Round

Green Field Paper
Flower Seed Paper

Botanical Paperworks

Here's an article on how to make your own seed paper! But I doubt you would want to go through all that trouble. If you do, let me know how it goes! Click here to be taken to the article.


Suds to Love said...

What a great idea... no trash or recyling, right back into the environment, but as a beautifying element, I love it!

Heidi - Stationery Scoop & Botanical PaperWorks said...

Hi Michelle - thanks so much for mentioning Botanical PaperWorks in your blog posting. Have a great day!! Heidi

Joanna Schmidt said...

love the idea. And they are so pretty!

Heather@Twin Birch said...

oooh! That's awesome! I may just have to wrap some soap in it! :)

Anne-Marie said...

This is such a brilliant idea! It totally would be a cute wrapper for soap.

The Mother's Day cards (from Heidi's site) are adorable too! Thanks for the links!

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Love this idea~ you are a honey for sharing this.

LoveMichie said...

Trisha: I know, it's great!

Heidi: You're welcome :)

Joanna: They do look lovely. I have some seed paper lying around somewhere with seeds from a lemon bottlebrush!

Heather: Post it up if you do!

Anne-marie: I'd like to try and wrap some soap in it too :)

Gigi: I'm glad you liked it :) *hugs*

gracefruit said...

I love pretty paper and the seed paper looks very nice. I hope I can find some here in the UK.


E x

Carrie ~ Gigi said...

Hi Michelle~ I just thought I'd let you know I ordered some paper with "seeds"~ I will let you know if I decide to design a label/package with it. You're a doll for sharing such neat things on your blog!

LoveMichie said...

Elizabeth: I hope you find some and make pretty things with it :)

Carrie: Hi Carrie! I'm so glad you did! Yes, I'd absolutely love to see what you come up with :) *hugs*

Anonymous said...

Thanks Michelle. I have also found this paper at Harbour Printing in Canada. I am wondering about the seeds used in this paper...what type of plants? If these papers cross international lines could the growth of certain seeds cause environmental problems in certain regions?