Saturday, 17 May 2008

Cupcake Decorating - Day One

I signed up for a Cupcake Decorating short course at William Angliss today! Let me just say it was so much fun! The chef, Greg Williams, was a lovely guy and he made the class really interesting. Here's what I made on my first day. Not very good but I'll get better with practice I hope!


Stay tuned for Day Two and the result of my hair conditioner/skin moisturiser! Goodnight everyone, I'm exhausted.


Suds to Love said...

How pretty, certainly looks better then my out of the can frosting, spread on with a knife!

dcyrill said...

Those look great to me. Good enough to eat. :)

Sarah said...

I think they look awesome! The piggies are sooo cute!

Joanna Schmidt said...

You certainly have a knack with decorating, Michelle!!

Heather@Twin Birch said...

mmmm! They look beautiful! I love the cutie little flowers! And the piggies would be a huge hit with my 2 little girls! ;)

Anne-Marie said...

SO CUTE! They totally don't have any cupcake baking courses here in Bellingham but I sure wish they did after seeing yours. =)

Kate / Kajal said...

ooh these are cute.
specially that pink piggy in the top right corner :O

Kevin said...

Hahah the bottom left and middle is definitely the nicest, flower flower one, ohh the top right and middle looks the most like you hahaha

LoveMichie said...

Trisha: Thanks, Trisha! :)

Diana: I wished I could have shared one with you and everyone here!

Sarah: They're my favourite too but just cause they're so easy to make!

Joanna: As always, you're too kind Joanna :)

Heather: Thanks, Heather! The piggies were actually the first to go! Everyone wanted a pig.

Anne-marie: Thanks, Anne-marie! It would be great to see the lovelies that you make if they had!

Kate: Thanks, Kate! Nothing compared to your yummy baking and decorating skills though! :)

Kevin: Haha! So funny! -_-

Michelle said...

Your decorations are so cute! I love the flowers :)