Monday, 21 January 2008


My shipment of goodies arrived today! I'm so excited! I'll be making lots of stuff later. Queenscliffe was fantastic. It was incredibly relaxing and the beach was definitely not something I was used to. The surf was brutal! I somersaulted without meaning to at one point. I also managed to catch some waves which was so much fun. I want to do it again and again!

Anyway, I've been tagged by Steph at Playing With Soap! Some of you may remember her from this post about her lost cockatiel. However, through her hard work and determination her much loved bird, Tita, is now safely back at home. She makes great soaps and has an interesting post about Beet Juice Soap. Check it out!

The rules are:

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Share five random and/or weird facts about yourself on your blog.

Share the five top places on your "want to see or want to see again" list.

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Five random and/or weird facts about myself

1. I always dream strange dreams or bad nightmares. Sometimes, I have really bad nightmares and I am reluctant to sleep again the next night because of them. It's always been that way ever since I was a child.

2. I have a phobia of lizards, frogs, the dark and massive amounts of blood. The latter is probably my strangest phobia. When I see lots of blood, my neck starts to feel funny and I instinctively reach for it. Too many vampire movies maybe?

3. I enjoy working with my hands and I learn best this way. Cooking, writing, crafting, playing instruments, video games are all favourite things for me to do.

4. I have lost around 8 mobile phones in a total of 6 years. It was a bad habit of mine that I have learned to break!

5. My mum owns a school of dance back in Malaysia and I've been learning classical dance since I was 3. Though I've stopped ballet, I still enjoy tap dancing!

Five top places I want to see or see again

I have so many places I want to visit! I can't make up my mind!

1. Malaysia
I miss home :( and Chinese New Year is coming soon.

2. Hawaii
The beach is my favourite place. Hawaii would be a dream come true!

3. Switzerland
Where every picture you take is postcard worthy :)

4. Egypt
I've always wanted to go to egypt ever since a friend raved about her trip there. Visiting the pyramids, I can almost envision it.

5.The rest of the U.S.A
Florida, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Las Vegas, New York! DISNEYLAND!

I tag:

Lori from Homemade Bath Products.

Emmy from The Natural Beauty Workshop.

Denise from Go Planet Earth.

Nadia from Sterces-Ytrid.

Wilson from Wilzc.


Aidan said...

It's not dirty secrets it's sterces-ytrid! It's a trademark! So must say sterces-ytrid instead of Dirty Secrets. =DDDD

LoveMichie said...


playing with soap said...

Hey Michelle, I would agree on No. 2 also. Yikes, my stomach can't take it. I had a minor accident a few years ago, which I will spare you the details, but I could not handle the amount of blood and my hubby had to wrap my finger until I got to the hospital. So basically, I can't even handle my own :(

Michelle said...

Hawaii is definitely a must see. Oahu's North Shore is one of my top favorite places to visit. The entire atmosphere is just so relaxing and enjoyable. Go go go go there girl!

WilZC said...

urgh.... u tap dance!! wooohoooo!!!

LoveMichie said...

Steph: Aaah! I'm sorry about the accident :( that does sound scary! I'm trying not to picture it!

Michelle: You're fueling my excitement! It's the very next place im going to visit now!

Wilson: Yes :)