Friday, 11 January 2008

Queenscliffe and Mama Aum!

I'm going to the beach! Yay! I love the beach. It's my favouritest (which is better than favourite) place in the world. Dan's parents rented a beach house up in Queenscliff which is a resort town on the Bellarine Peninsula approximately 103 km south of Melbourne. In Malaysia, if you drive 103 km you end up in a different state.

I think if the sand is nice, white and fine, I will steal some to make a scrub or put in soap. Sand Soap! Better than ham soap, huh?

I've been all geared up lately to make new scrubs and soap and what not. However, there has been flooding in several parts of Australia and suppliers are having trouble with transportation so I'll be crafting after I return from the beach. I don't know which one I'm more excited about!

Also, I've been on the look out for good quality unrefined shea butter lately. I'm eager to try out the difference between West African and East African shea butter. Already I have a few suppliers in mind I would like to try. I started with Mama Aum. They are an Australian based company located in New South Wales.

They sell organic products for the household such as toiletries and laundry products down to nappies for babies. Recently, I ordered 250 gms of shea butter from them and after a few days I decided to send them an email to inquire about the whereabouts of the shea butter. However when I opened my mail, I received an email from them instead, stating that they were having trouble with shipping due to the floods and as an apology to me, they included another 100gms of shea butter for free.

I was delighted! Good service always, always wins points with me and I am a very loyal customer. Do give Mama Aum a try! The people there are so friendly and reply very promptly.

You can read about their company here and about their shea butter here.

I will see all of you next week! Bye!


Michelle said...

I'm off to check out those nappies. I LOVE good customer service and its so hard to come by.

Great idea about the sand! Can't wait to read how it all came out. Have fun on your vacation, don't forget to comb the beach for pretty shells :)

LoveMichie said...

I completely forgot about the shells! Yes, I will definitely be collecting shells :) and I will share them with everyone when I get back.

Thank you!

Michelle said...

I can't wait to see what you find :)

playing with soap said...

Sand soap--I like that idea. Do you think it will clog the pipes? Just wondering? I am still curious to see your Ham Soap. Did you find your camera? I already dropped mine, but this time it's one of those cameras that can be dropped but I think within five feet or something so it survived.

Have a wonderful trip and enjoy the beautiful sand. Here in NJ/NY, the sand/beaches do not appeal to me. One of the last times I was at the beach in NY was probably around 1992 and while swimming, I realized I was swimming along with a Dorito bag. It upsets me when I see litter all around our beaches and water.


playing with soap said...

Hey, I'm tagging you. When you come back, please check out my blog on the tagging info. Hope you enjoyed your vacation.


LoveMichie said...

Hi Steph! Thanks!

I don't think sand clogs pipes. They're not like mud which hardens. Also if the particles are very fine it should be okay! And there wouldn't be much sand in one bar of soap :)

I did find my camera! It was in one of my bags. Silly me :(

Pollution upsets me too. It can turn nature which is so beautiful into something so ugly. Pollution is rife in most of Malaysia's beaches.