Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Chocolate Orange Mud Cake

A post about something un-soapy related today! It was my friend's birthday a couple of weeks ago and she requested that I bake her a chocolate orange cake. So, I scoured the internet for a good chocolate cake recipe and found one here from Exclusively Food.

Let me just say, the cake was amazing! It was perfectly chocolatey, dense but moist as well as having a delicious, chewy crust. Personally, I am not a fan of chocolate orange but everyone absolutely loved it and I have had requests to make more of this.

All I did was add the zest of one whole orange and I also substituted the water with orange juice. I then added a splash of Grand Marnier to kick the flavour up a notch but you can use any orange liqueur you like.

That was it! I followed the rest of the recipe exactly and was rewarded with a beautiful cake which I glazed and topped with candied oranges.

Do try this recipe, you will not be disappointed!


natepots said...

cake looks amazing
glad your blogging again
strawberry bubble bars look great
good luck with job

Joanna said...

Oh my - I am ready to eat now. :P

Michelle said...

Stop! This is making me sooooooooo hungry!

Body Scrub said...

This cake looks phenomenal!

Elizabeth said...

Hey Michelle!

I just read your blog from cover to cover (!) and I loooove it. Please come back! I'd love to read more!

Bath Salts said...

This looks heavenly!