Tuesday, 12 August 2008


Hello! I'm so happy to see some of you still read my blog!!! *big hugs to all* I won't be soaping so much for the moment because I need to find a part-time job! After that, I can go back to soaping!! Wheee! Here are some pictures from our trip to Falls Creek.


This door was fully accessible on the first day! Taken here on the third day. Look at all that snow!!




My snow angel :) More pictures later!


egassner said...

Oh that looks cold! I'm sooo not ready for winter again. Lol!

Suds to Love said...

Love the angel... I can't believe the amount of snow.

Heidi said...

Oh my! Its so weird to think you're in the middle of winter. I'm not ready for winter yet either!

Anne-Marie said...

It *is* strange to see snow - it's definitely not anything I thought I'd see on your blog today =)) I'm very happy about the sun here in Bellingham today.

Glad to hear that you're getting back into soaping soon. Jobs do have a habit of getting in the way of fun things like hobbies =)

lyly said...

i love the winter... and it makes me want the winter now :)

Michelle said...

LOL! Looks like Minnesota on a warm day. ROFL! Love the snow, cannot wait for it :)

LoveMichie said...

Elizabeth: Apart from the snow, there isn't much I like about winter either hehe!

Trisha: Apparently, we were "lucky". It snowed all weekend!!

Heidi: I know! It's funny how we are having winter during your summer :)

Anne-marie: I miss the sun :( It's been pretty gloomy and wet here in Melbourne lately. I can't wait to get back to soaping!

Lyly: Winter activities in the snow are pretty fun I agree :)

Michelle: Haha, the snow is beautiful. I couldn't have it for long though!